Ghana: Shave Your Genitals Clean, if You Want BJ – Actress, Vicky Zugah Advises Men

The popular Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah, has shared some personal hygiene tips to some men who desire to enjoy a bl*wj*b from their girlfriends.

According to the mother of two, some women aren’t able to have oral s3x with their men because some men don’t keep their genitals clean leaving it with some unfriendly smell.

In a video shared on her Instagram page, she said, at times, it’s not because women can’t give a tongue pleasure treatment to the ‘meat thermometer’ of their boyfriends but sometimes it’s the pungent odour that drives them away.

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Vicky, therefore, advised men to be more hygienic with their ‘one-eye-snake’ and its sacks if it’s of their interest to make such vital place of theirs a welcoming home for anyone’s head.

“It’s not an attack, it’s advice… it’s not because we don’t know how to do it but sometimes the place smells too much, so please, guys kindly treat your balls for us for a friendly smell” she said in Twi.


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