Ghana: People Get Confused May Be I Go To Church Because Of Pusher Role – Adjetey Annan


Actor Adjetey Annan has said individuals used to give him a shocked look when they see him in chapel in light of the Pusher part he played in hit arrangement ‘Things We Do For Love’.

He disclosed to Becky that on the grounds that the part accompanied acting like a drifter, individuals have their own view of who he truly is.

Things We Do for Love is about the adolescent and how they experience their lives and go about things in school and at home, with their folks additionally coming in their route, attempting to put them on track so they don’t go off to some far away place.

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In this story, Pusher (Adjetey Anang) is in a relationship with Dede but has other girlfriends he plays around with. He is also practically the cause of all troubles that emerge in the neighbourhood.

The swaged up gait, the bandana and the personality of Adjetey Annan from back in the day were things to look forward to.

Over a decade after thrilling Ghanaians with the character, Adjetey Annan said people still assume that the bad boy traits exhibited in the series are real.

He said judging from the questions he is asked by frequently, people doubt if he is disciplined and well raised.


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