Ghana: One Month Depression Led Me Into Music – David Oscar

Ghanaian Comedian David Oscar Dogbe has revealed that his girlfriend left him when he was facing troublesome circumstances in his comedy career

David additionally uncovered that the difficulties he faced in his comedy career led him to divert from comedy into doing music.

“I went through depression for about a month and it was quite surprising to me because I am a happy person. I am an open-hearted person. I do not think evil about somebody but unfortunately, it happened to me.

“Then I got to understand that this is what happens to people then sometimes you hear that somebody is dead without knowing what really killed them,” he said.

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He further stated that most of the people around him believed to be his lovers all turned against him when things became bad for him

“I thought I had friends in these people and one day I realized that wasn’t the case at all. You could not even ask for help. That was the taste in which I was.

“When I recovered from that situation, I recovered with music. I spent my time discovering myself before I could step out with anything arts. It was painful but I went through it,” he disclosed.


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