Ghana: My Daughter, Ryn, is Protected Despite Been Exposed To Instagram – Actress, Yvonne Nelson

The Popular movie producer, Yvonne Nelson has said her daughter, Ryn Robert is protected although she is exposed on social media.

Her comments follow concerns by some critics who say Ryn, a baby, is too young to have a social media account and be exposed to the world.

“They have a point because of security and safety but for me, I believe that it’s God who watches over us. Once in a while, I post her picture online, I don’t post her all the time, she has her own [Instagram] page though,” Yvonne Nelson said.

The award-winning actress noted that Ryn had her own Instagram page even before her birth.

“She had her page even before I had her, she is just on Instagram and her father is a photographer, so, if I do not post her, her dad will do, but I’m the only one managing her page… I hardly post her on my personal page…,” Yvonne Nelson said in an interview on Saturday, 9 February 2019.

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Asked if she is not afraid of her daughter’s huge followerhip on Instagram, she said: “Like I said, for me I know, for a fact, that God is with me, so, I don’t fear anybody because I got God, and he protects me and I believe if you have faith in him, nobody can do you any wrong.”

The one-and-a-half-year-old Ryn Robert has 88,700 followers on Instagram.


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