Ghana: Most Married Women Don’t Reached Orgasm – Pastor

A trending video shows a Ghanaian pastor speaking candidly about s*x.

According to him, most Ghanaian married women have never experienced orgasm in their entire lives.

He advised married couples to have s*x anywhere, Toilet, bathroom, kitchen and other places they may deem fun enough.

“Talk about s*x, the moment you mention sex in the Church ,there are some hypocrites ,and then they start making their faces and they say oh why is this pastor talking about s*x,S*X,we dont talk about s*x in our marriages, because to us Africans, especially Ghanaians we dont talk about s*x, s*x is like a taboo.They are many Ghanaian women who have been married for years but have never reached orgasm in their lives”

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He said this at a wedding ceremony he was officiating.


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