Ghana: Michy Unveil Why Shatta Wale Is Not ‘Fit’ To Engage In ‘Bedmatics’ With Her

a post between contentious ‘couple’, Shatta Wale and Michy, enumerating how gravely he needs to have Michy throughout the night.

Shatta Wale was the first to post on Snapchat that he was in desperate need of Michy’s body, beseeching her to offer her body to him. Shatta Wale stated: “Do you know when you trickle, the taste alone makes me wanna eat you all night… would i be able to have it again please… @lefan_dhurb”

About fifteen minutes after Wale’s post, Michy also wrote that until he is delivered from a condition he is suffering, she would never want to enjoy ‘bedmatics’ with Shatta Wale. She revealed that Shatta Wale was suffering from a condition named “Community Dick Syndrome” (CDS), which he must be delivered from being she can offer him s*x. Michy wrote: “But first, you need to be delivered from C.D.S (Community Dick Syndrome)[email protected]’s boo.”

Michy’s comment allegedly comes on the heel of Shatta Wale’s ‘adult’ video which hits the internet some time ago. In that video, Shatta Wale, and one of his SM Militants, Pope Skinny, had their ‘rods’ in the mouth of a slay queen.

They had reportedly gone to Nima to shoot a video for their song, Thunder Fire, when the incident occurred. Shatta Wale was said to have secretly apologized to Michy for the act, asking to be forgiven.

Later, another member of his SM Militants, Natty Lee, confessed to accidentally leaking the video. Therefore, Shatta Michy believes she is too clean to go to bed with Shatta Wale who, apparently, is not clean like her to keep his flap zipped-up.

Meanwhile, Shatta Wale’s relationship with Michy has suffered for some time now. They announced their breakup in April, however, they were announced to have reunited after two months.

But Michy in an earlier report, debunked the claims of the reunion, stressing that she was still single. Shatta Wale had addressed Michy as “my wife” just recently, however, that alone is not enough for Michy.

Unconfirmed reports also suggest that she is expecting Shatta Wale to walk her down the aisle just like Sarkodie has done with his long-time baby mama, Tracy Sarkcess.

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