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Ghana: Menzgold Can Loan $50billion to Government – Artiste Manager, Bulldog

Ghana Artiste manager at Zylofon Media one of the brainchild of wealthy businessman Nana Appiah Mensah, Bulldog, has said that if the government of Ghana could turn away from its ‘destructive’ agenda against Menzgold and seek help from Nana Appiah Mensah, there would be no need to go begging China for a 50 billion century loan or bond we know we can’t pay.

In a recent podcast, Bulldog used the F’ word to describe China, from whom Ghana are seeking 50 billion payable over 100 years.

But Bulldog believes that is money that can be made by Nana Appiah Mensah through trading without government begging China.

“That be money wey a young man like Nana Appiah Mensah can make easy”, Bulldog said.

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“Ebe easy through trading. You just for sit the man down make teach you. You talk talk talk about Ghana beyond aid… The same aid you go and collect? Which aid?” He quizzed.


During a ceremony in Beijing to sign some eight Ghana-China co-operation agreements, the President said Ghana was considering the 100-year bonds to finance infrastructural projects.

“The Ministry of Finance and the economists in Ghana are looking at floating a $50 billion Century Bond. This will provide us with the resources to finance our infrastructural and industrial development. We are hoping that, at some stage, China will interest itself, and take a part of it as China’s contribution to Ghana’s development,” he told Chinese President, Xi Jinping.


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