Ghana: I’m Prepared To Die For The Truth – Kwame Afrifa

Media identity, Kwame Afrifa-Mensah, some time ago known as Ntoatoahene, is notable for his bluntness and his readiness to go up against issues and identities others would rather dodge.

Also, it is the same limit talk he is trusting will enable him to take his radio profession to higher statures.

Kwame Afrifa, who is also an actor, had been an entertainment show host for many years on TV until he decided that he wanted to be taken more seriously and switched to politics with the show, Epa Hoa, Da Ben on Happy FM.

In the short time he has been on radio, he believes he has made the right decision judging from the impact the show is making.

And with a vision to be an advocate for the masses, he told Showbiz in an interview recently that he is ready to die for Ghanaians to know the truth about issues.

“I have had threats from both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) but they don’t bother me because I know I stand for the truth. I am prepared to lose my life than to keep quiet because of threats,” he stated.

Since he started, he has treated some controversial topics which have not gone down well with politicians but he is defiant saying he is not in to please politicians but speak for the people.

“I want to be the voice for the voiceless hence the reason I descend on any politician who is corrupt. I don’t care the outcome of my utterances when it comes to me getting the truth out,” he said.

On whether he has ever been influenced by a politician or anybody to kill a story, Kwame Afrifa, on whose show the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Koku Anyidoho, spoke about a civil coup and landed in trouble with the police, revealed he will never be bribed.

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According to him, going after money and covering up issues is something he can’t do.

“Before coming on radio, I knew that I wanted to speak for the masses so I don’t think taking money and doing the wrong thing is the best. I might take the money but I will still go ahead with the story,” he stated.

In 2016, Kwame Afrifa did a lot of work for the NPP, featuring in a number of adverts for them but he stresses that he is not a member of the party like some people have alleged.

“I don’t belong to NPP nor do I belong to the NDC but whoever does the bidding of Ghana and puts Ghana at heart is who I go in for.

I believed the people were crying for change and I am for the people so what they were saying is what I said,” he stated.

He is grateful that Ghanaians have embraced Epa Hoa, Da Ben that airs every weekday at 2pm and promised to do more.
Ghanaians are going to experience something new with my show. I have great plans and soon Epa Hoa, Da Ben will be everywhere. I thank Happy FM for giving me the platform to express my views,” he said.

Currently a student of the Africa University College of Communications (AUCC), Kwame Afrifa-Mensah said he intends to take his show to different market centres, something he started but stopped along the line


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