Ghana: If You Have To Lose Your Virginity, Do It Right – MC Yaa Yeboah

MC Yaa Yeboah, a Ghanaian media personality has asserted that if a woman has to lose her virginity, then she needs to do it right.

In an interview with Mercy Bee on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes show, she stated that the virginity of a woman is very valuable but of late, people are putting out the idea that it is not of any importance or value.

“These days, we think sex is nothing and being a virgin doesn’t make you any special but I can tell you for a fact that there are certain people who have lost their virginity and are now wishing that they had kept it.

“Not to say that if you’ve broken your virginity, you’re not a woman or you don’t qualify to have someone to love you. I’m not a virgin but what I’m saying is that the way the world is going, we are trying to make the youth think that virginity is nothing but then it is something valuable so for me, if you have to lose your virginity, make sure that you’re doing it right,” she said.

Stating her definition of ‘losing one’s virginity right’, she said that like the Bible tells us to keep our virginity till marriage, that is what is supposed to be done but unfortunately, things are not going that way.

Nevertheless, any woman who has not been able to follow that Biblical rule, according to her, becomes no less of a woman.

“All I’m saying is, stop making it look like sex is nothing and stop having sexual intercourse that does not reap any benefits,” Yaa Yeboah further concluded.

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