Ghana: I Would Gladly Accept to Marry Kweku Reveloe If he Wants me Back – Efia Odo

Ever loved someone soo much that, although they’ve broken up with you if they come back asking to date you again, you would gladly accept them back without a blink? Well, that’s the situation Efia Odo finds herself in.

In a new video that’s on Social media, Efia Odo was asked if she would accept his ex Kwaku Reveloe back should he come back into his life and she replied in the affirmative.

When asked why, she replied saying that, Kweku Reveloe showed her genuine love and that he’s a good guy, only that he does not see her in his picture for the future.

We are not surprised because it was obvious she was the one who was madly in love with the guy and like she revealed in one of her tweets announcing her break up days ago, that although the relationship had ended 2 months ago, she didn’t have the courage to announce it back then and we are sure it was because she was waiting to see if he would come back to her.

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Even when bloggers gossiped about Kweku Reveloe taking another woman out, Efia Odo defended him at the time saying, he’s trustworthy so that doesn’t mean he’s cheating. All that while, the relationship had ended but she was waiting on some miracle.

Also in this video, she even states that, if he comes and wants to marry her, she wouldn’t hesitate to accept his proposal—Awwww, our Efia Odo is still soo much in love with Reveloe.



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