Ghana: I Wish I Had a Man Who I Could Rush Home To From Work – Actress, Efia Odo

Ghanaian Actress and Kwese Tv Presenter, Efia Odo is missing having a bae and has just revealed that she sort of feel like always been at work because there’s nothing to go home to.

Efia Odo who recently bagged a job at Okay FM says, she always gets immersed in her job these days as she has no man in life to rush home to, so she can rest on his shoulder.

She posted on Twitter:

“I actually love being at work rather than being at home.. still tryna figure out why. I mean maybe cuz I love my job, but maybe if I had some strong arms to go home to every night I would love being home rather . This is sad tho”.

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Efia’s post looked like a cry for a new man in her life, and some candidates have already started applying to fill that vacancy.

Yeah, if she doesn’t mind dating someone like me who earns a peasant $1,500 a month, she should come and let’s date, after all we are all in the same media space and would be perfect.


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