Ghana: I Will Deal With You ‘Spiritually’ – Bishop Obinim Replies Kennedy Agyapong

Bishop Daniel Obinim has finally reacted to what he claims as unprovoked attacks on him by Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, vowing to ruthlessly deal with the outspoken politician ‘spiritually’.

“I will personally deal with you spiritually and you will regret; you mark it on the wall today,” the controversial Head Pastor of International God’s Way Church, who claims to be an angel and has been frequenting heaven, threatened in a recorded video.

According to him, Kennedy, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin Central, had lately made it a habit of denting his image with a barrage of insults and ‘blatant lies’, but he had remained calm.

Obinim stated categorically that he had had enough of Kennedy’s insults, insinuations and allegations, saying he (Obinim) had, therefore, rescinded his decision of not responding to him.

Kennedy’s Attacks

Kennedy, in a recent interview on his NET2 TV network, had labelled Obinim, a married man, as a serial womanizer, who has been having sex with pretty ladies that attend his church.

According to Kennedy, he has a tall list of more than 14 women, including married women that had fallen victim to Bishop Obinim’s sexual escapades.

The Assin Central lawmaker explained that Florence Obinim, wife of Obinim, had provoked him by labelling him as a womanizer, hence his decision to ‘retaliate’ and let the public know that her husband (Obinim) is worse.

Apart from the womanizer claim, Kennedy also alleged that Obinim indulges in occultism, scams and fraud, and said he was prepared to get the pastor arrested.

Breaking Promise

Obinim, in a recorded video a few days ago, had promised not to comment on the allegations, but made a U-turn. He has, therefore, released a new short video on social media in which he has threatened to deal with Kennedy ‘spiritually’.

“I will break my church for one year and deal with you spiritually, you Kennedy Agyapong!” he declared, adding “I have remained quiet in all these; do you think I am afraid of you?”

Unprintable Words

Obinim, panting for breath, hurled a series of unprintable words at the Assin Central MP, saying “F*ck you and let me have my peace.”

As a ‘man of God’, he said it was never his intention to publicly insult Kennedy, but the controversial politician is rapidly getting on his nerves and, therefore, he had decided to respond to him with his own ‘filthy’ language.


Apology Claim

According to him, Kennedy’s claim that he (Obinim) has secretly been pleading with him through some respected people to stop insulting him on television “are palpably false so it should be disregarded.”

“You said I have been begging you behind the scenes and the bloggers have picked it all over, but that is not true,” Obinim yelled, insisting that Kennedy is a ‘liar’ so nobody should believe him.

NPP Intervention

Contrary to Kennedy’s begging claim, Obinim revealed that, rather, some top-notch New Patriotic Party (NPP) members have urged him (Obinim) to remain calm.

“I have remained silent all this while because some respected elderly people in the country and your own NPP leaders have appealed passionately to me not to respond to your unprovoked wild attacks,” he claimed.

He said he had been quiet for three days, yet Kennedy had returned on television to insult him again, reiterating his earlier statement to ‘spiritually’ deal with Kennedy for the MP to see that he is a genuine man of God.

Daring Move

According to him, Kennedy had been threatening to release his (Obinim’s) controversial pictures live on television and dared him to go ahead and release the said pictures.

“Come to your television network and display my pictures as you have continually threatened. Is my personal business a crime?” he asked.

At that juncture, Obinim’s junior pastors, who were on the show with him yelled “it is never a crime!”

More Threats

Bishop Obinim said he had realized that it was high time for him to also come out boldly and verbally attack Kennedy for him (Kennedy) to see that he (Obinim) is not afraid of him, adding “I was quiet because of the respect I have for you.”

“We are not your small boys; you don’t pay our school fees. You have insulted me several times and when I decided to reply, then you threatened to deal with me,” he said, asking, “Do you have what it takes to deal with me?”

According to him, Kennedy and his likes have been oppressing the poor in the country for so long “and now the few people like me that have struggled to make it in life, you also want to oppress us, no way!”


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