Ghana: I Went to Visit a “Maame Water” Last Sunday – Rev. Obofuor

The Founder and Head Pastor of the Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Obofuor who has been in the news over the past weeks for various reasons has again said that last Sunday he was taken into the ocean by the ‘Holy Spirit’.

In a viral video making rounds on social media, Rev. Obofuor delivering a sermon at his church stated that the ‘Holy Spirit’ led him to see ‘maame water’ last Sunday during one of their meetings deep in the ocean.

He described, “God led my spirit to one of ‘maame water’s’ meeting deep in the ocean, it was last Sunday evening, the number of people who attended the meeting was enormous and no church has ever seen that much crowd.”

He added that “no one would really comprehend what ‘maame water’ says except those who live and work with her, because she sounds like a sea wave.”

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Even though he revealed some really dark and deep secrets about the ‘maame water kingdom’ and advised that people practised a morally upright living, some Ghanaians have still questioned the truth in his claims.

There has been raging debates over the years among Ghanaians regarding some fake pastors and their prophecies and their unscrupulous ways of performing miracles and extorting money from their ignorant church members.

Ghanaian pastors have been headlined in the news for surprisingly infamous reasons which according to the ordinary Ghanaian are contrary what they stand for.

Some Ghanaians, however, express worry that several warnings have been issued to Africans particularly Ghanaians on how they blindly practice their Christian faith by following deceitful men who brand themselves as pastors, but these warnings tend to fall on deaf ears.


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