Ghana: I Thought I Was Helping Shatta Wale But I Got Something Else in Return – Radio Presenter, Andy Dosty

Ghanaian Radio presenter Andy Dosty has expressed his disappointment over the recent attitude of dancehall artiste Shatta Wale who he said made some insulting statement about him on social media.

The controversial musician and his SM fans last week went hard on the radio presenter for asking listeners of his show if Shatta’s statement that “Ghanaians youth are broke because they fool a lot” is true.

Characteristic of Shatta, he replied the post by Andy Dosty with a tweet saying, “Andy, people like you is what I am talking about. So does your woman read what you write at all.. Don’t think you are tarnishing my image…”

While Twitter went wild with most people blasting the fine radio presenter, some listeners who called into his radio programme did not also spare him either.

Touching on the issue last Friday, he said that he was shocked by the backlash over the question he posed on his show, noting he felt disappointed.

He explained that he had no malice whatsoever against the musician and that he thought his post was one of the usual jokes he shares with the musician because they had a good relationship until he saw a video posted by Shatta Wale of an SM fan insulting him (Andy Dosty).

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“There was a video of someone insulting me left, right and center that he (Shatta Wale) has posted. That was when I saw the intensity of the matter,” Andy Dosty said.

The radio presenter recounted how he helped Shatta Wale when the latter entered the music scene, noting he (Andy Dosty) made a lot of sacrifices for the musician in those days, something he said Shatta can attest to.

“I was that gentleman who came to Accra, took his CDs, went to Kumasi to share among radio stations and presenters; it was me. I drove around in Kumasi; my car, my fuel, showing him that love. Telling people there is a new kid on the block. I created a monster” he stated.

Asked whether he has heard from him after the twitter incident, Andy Dosty responded in the negative, but said despite everything, he has forgiven him.


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