Ghana: I See Life Differently, The Moment I Became a Mother – Actress,Yvonne Nelson

The Popular Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson said that being a mother changed her life and her perception about motherhood.

According to the actress, she remains unbothered about strong criticism against her decision to give birth out of wedlock.

She disclosed that she rather communicated with her lawyer to serve all those publishing damaging articles about her.

“When I gave birth to Ryn, she had jaundice, so I was already fighting that and didn’t pay attention to the stories and criticisms online. My lawyer wrote to some journalists, and they stopped writing those negative stuff about my pregnancy and giving birth. Some did apologize to me but I don’t really need those apologies.”

Speaking about why she seems not interested in those demeaning publications, the award-winning actress said that being a mother has thought her so many things in life so her preferences have also changed.

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“My priorities have changed ever since I became a mom and I see life differently.” Yvonne Nelson said

Yvonne Nelson had hugely successful acting career with feature roles in over 100 film productions including House of Gold and Any Other Monday. Her production company (YN productions) is credited with producing the successful television series Heels and Sneakers.

The beautiful Ryn Roberts was born in October 2017. Her mother who says she was an answer to her prayer announced her name on her twitter feed accompanying a short prayer.


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