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Ghana: I Knew my Baby Daddy, Jamie Roberts, Already Had Two Kids – Actress, Yvonne Nelson

It has been Barely a week after calling on colleagues to link her to someone who was serious for a relationship leading to marriage, Actress Yvonne Nelson is saying she’s not thinking of marriage now because it scares her.

She made this known in an interview.

The mother of one mentioned that “it’s a scary thing for me but if it happens I will be happy”.


Speaking about the father of her daughter, Yvonne Nelson mentioned that she was aware he had children but that did not scare her away from him.

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She said “He is an amazing and responsible father; he already had two kids. I knew right away that he was someone I can start a family with the moment we met”.

Last week the actress admitted that her baby daddy, Jamie Roberts is already married and the possibility of both settling down is far from cry.

“I am serious. Any will do but not a Nigerian. Are you looking for one for me”, she asked her colleague.


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