Ghana: I Cried Anytime I Missed my Husband – Anita Afriyie

The tales of how painful it is to miss a loved one has been told many times but the one gospel musician Anita Afriyie shares about her love life in her recent interview with Zionfelix on ‘Zionfelix Uncut’ is very touching.

The musician has revealed that it has not been easy staying away from her lovely husband for a little over a year because of certain circumstances beyond her control. She makes the touching revelation that every time she missed her husband in the cold nights of America, she wept uncontrollably.

Anita told Zionfelix that on numerous occasions she wanted to come down to Ghana just to be with her husband but because it was left with a little time for her to get her green card, she couldn’t. This was because it would have been difficult for her to get it when she comes to Ghana without getting it before she came.

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When Zionfelix asked Anita if she ever cheated on her husband because of the difficulties she enumerated, the ‘Sweet Jesus’ hitmaker stated emphatically that she never did. She added that she loves her husband too much to ever cheat on him and that she is not one of those women who will easily cheat on their husbands because they miss them or because they are not around.

Anita Afriyie further stated that as a pastor herself, she is a role model to society and as such she is required as a matter of necessity to live a life that is worth emulating. She therefore under no circumstance cheated and will ever cheat on her husband.


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