Ghana: Hunger Almost Made Me Sell my ‘Wiase y3 d3’ Song to Medikal – Artist, Quamina MP

Ghana’s Ground Up artist, Quamina MP has stated that he nearly sold his own hit song, ‘Wiase y3 d3’ song to Medikal because of hunger but due to endurance his sweat is paid him off well.

Recounting how financial constraints nearly made him sold his popular song to Medikal, Quamina MP speaking in an interview revealed that hunger and eager to get money to feed his family made him made such decision.

“I’m going to say this because I have not said it anywhere before. I nearly sold the ‘Wiase Y3 D3’ song to Medikal because times were very hard at the time and I needed money”

In his narration, he said that he got a friend who was close to Medikal and had a strong belief that he would get the song to Medikal on time to get money to survive but for some absurd reason, the song never got the ‘Confirm’ hitmaker.

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“I needed money desperately, so I sent the song through a friend who was very close to Medikal, and we negotiated that if Medikal loved the song and agree to make a purchase, we would share the money but for whatever reason, the song never got to Medikal”

When asked why he targeted Medikal, he revealed that Medikal was releasing hit after hits at the time and believed he would value for his song.


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