Ghana: Feminism Teaches a Woman to Get Her Partner a Gift – Leila Djansi

In a post on her Facebook page, she has outlined what a woman is expected to do in relationships.

Ghana Movie Maker, Leila Djansi has been flipping the script and giving us a deeper sense of what the feminist movement is about.

According to her “This is also what feminism is about. ‘Creating’ women who support themselves and if in a relationship, their partners through hard times and sharing equally in making the home.

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This is what feminism teaches! Women who do not rely on the purse of their spouse or boyfriend.

A woman can pay for meal on a date. A woman can gift her partner a car, a house. Whoever earns more should shoulder the bigger financial responsibility. And doing that should not come with control. This is a relationship. Not a dancer and a tune caller”.


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