Are Ghana Celebrity Couple Pokello And Elikem Broken Up?

Does nothing last anymore?

It seems there is trouble in paradise between Elikem Kumordzie and Pokello. Apparently, has been told by the gossipers that Elikem and Pokello’s relationship has come to an end.


The report further states that the relationship was more of a situationship.

This whole brouhaha it seems is over a social media post. November 7 was Elikem’s birthday but the many birthday wishes across several social media platforms did not feature one from Pokello–which is a little strange, considering the fact that she has done it each year.

Elikem and Pokello have in their bid to remain relevant and keep making headlines maintained they are in a stable relationship. However, people are alleging that the acting seems to have come to an end.

These are different times we are in now. It seems that the quickest way you can tell when relationships are over is checking through social media.

We are waiting to hear what each of the parties have to say about the state of their relationship


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