Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro


Ghana: Several Men Have Broken up With Me, Because I Make My Relationship Public – Actress, Yvonne Okoro

The Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Okoro has said she is keeping her relationship out of the public eye due to her experiences where she was dumped by a number of men for going public.

According to her, she has learnt her lessons and will never make her private life become public because she has lost some relationships because she made them public which may have led to the men fleeing.

The actress made this known in an interview.

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“On the other hand, society does not see anything wrong with a man who has more relationships, they are viewed as champions while we (women) are called names so I am zipping my mouth now,” Yvonne said.

Speaking on why she ventured into acting when there were other fields she could venture into, Yvonne Okoro mentioned that her mother saw her potential and pushed her to achieve greatness at what she does.


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