Ghana: Acting is Now Lucrative in The Movie Industry – Actor, Fred Amugi

The Veteran Ghanaian Actor, Fred Amugi has observed that acting in Ghana more lucrative comparably to the time when he joined the industry decades ago.

According to the veteran movie actor, now, actors and actresses are paid for their worth as compared to the early days when they were paid meagre sums of money or sometimes not at all after being featured in movies.

He noted that his generation of actors worked for the passion of the job and not because the venture was a lucrative one and only had fame but was broke financially

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Fred Amugi was speaking in an interview.

He noted, however, that producers of movies have had difficulty booking him now that he runs his brand as a product that has a manager.

Fred Amugi disclosed that most producers tend to back off when they are asked to call his manager because they feel the charges will be exorbitant for which reason they go and never return.


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