Ghana: Abstain From Explicit Acts to Avoid Future Consequence – Gospel Singer Sir Solomon

The popular Ghanaian Gospel Minister, Sir Solomon in the music fraternity has warned celebrities to refrain from going nude publicly, to avoid future regrets among their family and children.

The ‘Lift Him High’ hitmaker, speaking in an interview, noted that, it’s so disgusting to see celebrities flaunting their nudity in public with no shame.

He vehemently condemned and advised them to desist from such act, saying “if your only strength to be famous is by sharing your nudes on social media, then either you’re not talented or lack confidence”.

Adding that, celebrities who display their nakedness on social media for fame, are only motivated by money and nothing else.

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Sir Solomon lamented that “You may not see the effect now but when someone sends your nude pictures and videos to you or your children when you are fully grown and taking care of family, that is when you will regret. The unfortunate thing is that you cannot do anything about it by then”.

He, however, advised these young celebrities to learn from top women like Grace Omabour (Maame Dorkono) and Gifty Anti, explaining that, “they never displayed their nudity in public, yet they made it and are still having a positive impact on today’s youth”


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