‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Episode Features Plastic Water Bottle Gaffe

‘Game of Thrones,’ HBO’s popular television series, ended on Sunday but not without a modern-day water bottle making a cameo appearance in one of its key scenes.

Spotted forty-three minutes into the series finale, the water bottle was seated behind Sir Samwell Tarly’s left foot, a character played by John Bradley.

The water bottle gaffe will be the latest movie blunder to be credited to the television series.

In its fourth episode, a coffee cup was left on a table directly opposite to the ‘mother of dragons — Daenerys’ — played by Emili Clarke.

HBO later acknowledged the blooper in a social media post where it tweeted that “Daenerys has ordered for a cup of herbal tea instead”.

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HBO, however, is yet to make any public statement as regards the un-medieval item discovered in the final episode which has attracted several criticisms from fans.

Meanwhile, the American cable company is set to release a documentary which will highlight behind-the-scenes events during the show’s production.

Titled ‘The Last Watch’, the documentary will premiere on May 26, a week after the airing of the series’ final episode.

HBO in partnership with Columbia Records also released a 14-track album of ‘Game of Thrones-inspired songs’.


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