Gambian Trader Learnt How To Make Chocolate Online

A local businessman in The Gambia taught himself how to make chocolate and is now selling it after more than two years of practice.

Fady Hocheimy learnt the skill online and has been giving the chocolate for free until last month when he started selling it.

“I Googled a lot, I YouTubed a lot. I started following people who do chocolate in their homes in Europe and Canada. Of course I had to learn it step by step. The chocolate I make today is not the chocolate I made three years ago,” he said.

He kept trying out different recipes until it got to a point where the people he had give to taste wanted more.

“Every batch I make I learn something new. I’m listening to the people who taste it. I just started selling chocolate a month ago so for two and a half years I was giving it out for free letting people taste,” he said.

Mr Hocheimy hopes to inspire other farmers.

“I want Gambia to export cocoa in 10 to 15 years. I want more farmers to plant it,” he said.



Written by News Of Africa

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