Gabrielle Union Shares A Woman’s Narration Of Her Experience With Racism

Gabrielle Union has shared a woman’s story about her experience with racism to raise awareness about how deep it goes.


The American actress, whose exit as a host from America’s Got Talent was linked to racism, shared the woman’s story on Twitter as she called for an end to racism in the United States of America.


In the story shared by Gabrielle, the woman, who is an African American, told of how an appraiser who came by to check her home valued it a lot less than other neighbouring homes that were smaller. The woman also spoke about the judgement in the appraiser’s eyes.


She decided to ask for a second appraisal and she took down all the photos of Black relatives then left only her White husband at home and when an appraiser came the second time, the value they placed on the house was way higher.

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The woman concluded her post by saying that “racism silently but conspicuously steals wealth” because it places less value on Black people and their belongings.


Sharing the woman’s post, Gabrielle Union wrote: “Read this. Read it again. We arent imagining racism. We arent overly sensitive. We live it everyday. Racism impacts every facet of life. Racism can kill, maim, wound, brutalize, and steal. It has to stop.”


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