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Funny: Boyfriend Uses Snapchat Filter To Troll Girlfriend Into Thinking He’s Cheating

On the off chance that you arent new to Snapchat, you’ve presumably heard and attempted the the new gender-swap filter craze.

The vast majority of us are having a giggle sending the silly or absolute annoying pictures of ourselves envisioned as the opposite gender to our spouses and partners.

In any case, one man needed to utilize the image of the female version of himself to dauntlessly fool his sweetheart into supposing he was cheating on her.

Ryan Hill, from Fife, Scotland, took a selfie with the filter, turning himself into a very convincing looking woman.

When the 22-year-old sent the picture to his girlfriend with the words ‘I have your boyfriend’s t-shirt on’, she was not happy. Melissa Dunsmore, 19, was furious when she received the picture, failing to spot the resemblance to her boyfriend.

She demanded to know why another woman was wearing his clothes and told him not to bother coming home after work. When Ryan explained that it was just him as a girl, Melissa was still not impressed with the prank.


Ryan Hill as a girl using the new Snapchat filter

Melissa said she wasn’t having any of it and warned him to stay away or risk a punch in the face. Ryan says he is now suffering ‘major silent treatment’ but this has not stopped him sharing his prank on social media.

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He wrote: ‘Snapchat has a filter that makes you look like a girl, so I thought it would be a good idea to wind my girlfriend up and send her this. She didn’t take it well.’

How Ryan looks without the filter


In the image, Ryan can be seen looking like an attractive woman with brunette hair, rosy cheeks, and flawless skin. But Melissa didn’t appreciate the beauty.

She replied to him saying: ‘Are you f****** serious? Don’t even bother coming here after work. ‘Why the f*** has another girl got your t-shirt on? You’re getting blocked.’

Girlfriend Melissa


Trying to remedy his joke backfiring, Ryan told her: ‘That’s me, you idiot. Am sorry. I was winding you up. It’s a filter. Am being serious.’ Melissa said: ‘Awww aye whatever. F*** off’.

We’re not sure if Ryan and Melissa worked it out but we’re certain other couples will now be trying the prank out.



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