Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Are The Best, Facebook Now Shows You Where They Are [Video]

Ok, so we know all our phones can “find” Wi-Fi nearby but what if you’re looking for Wi-Fi in a particular area, somewhere further away than the couple of metres that your phone can detect? Well, as of July, Facebook has the answer.

“Find Wi-Fi” is the latest Facebook feature to launch on a global scale. It allows you to find venues that provide public and free Wi-Fi. It works like this:

If a business has indicated on their page that they provide Wi-Fi, that business will be added to the Find Wi-Fi map. Regular Facebook users are then able to find out more about the business and then travel there if they so choose.

With the feature now being available globally, all Android and iPhone users can utilise the feature as part of the Facebook app on their phone. Here is a step by step guide:

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“To find Wi-Fi hotspots, open your Facebook app, click on the “More” tab and then “Find Wi-Fi.” Once in the “Find Wi-Fi” tab you may need to turn it on. You can then browse the closest available hotspots on a map, and learn more about the businesses hosting them.”

With the service now being available in South Africa, we’re sure that many South Africans will be making use of this feature immediately.  With data prices being as ridiculous as they are,(still waiting for #DatatoFall) this is definitely a much-needed service here in SA.

If words aren’t your thing, you can check out a step by step video below.


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