Freddie Starr: Comedy Legend Found Dead At The Age Of 76

Comedy legend, Freddie Starr has died at the age of 76. He was found dead at his home in Spain where he fled to in July 2015 after a libel case loss against a woman who accused him of groping her when she was 15.

Freddie Starr was found on the floor of his flat in Costa Del Sol around 3pm on Thursday. The cause of his death has not yet been announced. According to Police sources, there is nothing to suggest anything suspicious about his death.

However, an autopsy is expected to take place tomorrow in Malaga. This will be done to help rule out any criminal possibilities.

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A source at the equivalent of Spain’s 999 service said:

‘We responded to a call this afternoon from the carer of a 76-year-old man in the Mijas area of the Costa del Sol. The woman said she had found the man and she was looking after him because he had been ill and said she thought he could be dead.’

In 2010, Freddie underwent a quadruple bypass following a heart attack and suffered health problems. The operation forced him to pull out of several public appearances in 2015, due to a ‘serious lung condition’. It was reported at the time he had been spending ‘much of his time in a wheelchair’.


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