Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu in Big Trouble as ‘leaked’ Intimate Videos Goes Viral

Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu is treading on thin ice with the authorities regulating online platforms in Tanzania over nudity.

This follows a post on her social media account that had her getting intimate with her new boyfriend.

The video of the two has since gone viral on social media but some claim that the Instagram account which has over 4 million followers has been hacked.

Sepetu has not commented on the matter.

In July this year, video vixen Hamisa Mobetto was forced to apologize by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority over a bikini photo.

The authority stated that the said photos were capable of influencing children into aping the bad behaviour.

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Anybody who violates the laws is slapped with a ban of six months and are barred from using social media or participating in any works related to music or film.

“Mwananitindo wa Tanzania Hamisa Mobetto anatuhumiwa kugiuka sharia za kielectroniki na posta kwa kuhcapishwa picha za utupu and Nusu uchi katika Mtandao wa Instgram kinyume na sheria. Picha hizo zinakiuka maadli ya kitanzania na zinaweza kuwashawishi watoto kuiga tabia mabaya. Hamisa Mobetto alichapisha picha hizo hizo tarehe 23, Juni mwaka 2018, saa saba na dakika nane. Picha hii inamuonyesha mama akiwa uchi huku ameshika mkono karibu na seehemt zake za siri,” read the statement in part.


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