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Former Miss Imo State-USA Celebrates Traditional Wedding In Queens, New York City!!

The Iwule family marked the traditional wedding ceremony of their daughter who is an Ex-Miss Imo State USA, Cassandra Adaeze Iwule to one Dr. Kelechi Ogbuji of the Ogbuji family.

Those present to witness the event came from different parts of USA and beyond. It was a thrilling occasion as the members of both families expressed their joy and glory in the traditional way during the event. The couple will soon announce the date of their white wedding which would be coming up soon. Their families have expressed their gratitude and appreciation to all those who attended the event despite the snow storm. Among those in attendance were the bride’s uncle Egr Knd and his wife Oby who both flew in from the state of Georgia to be part of the ceremony. It was great and a day of joy and happiness. Congratulations to Chief and Lolo Ben Iwule and the Ogbuji families.


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