Former Aide Shares Prince Andrew’s Bizarre Obsession With His Teddies

The palace walls are crumbling down around Prince Andrew as his sexual assault lawsuit looms.

A judge denied the royal’s plea to dismiss the civil suit against him. Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre is accusing the prince of sexually abusing her when she was a minor.

With the decision also comes the queen distancing the monarchy from her rumoured favourite son. Her Majesty stripped Prince Andrew of his HRH and military titles earlier this month and said: “The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen.”

Though other members of the royal family, namely Princes Charles and William, have refused to comment on Prince Andrew’s situation, others within palace walls are speaking out.

The prince’s former maid, Charlotte Briggs, who worked at Buckingham Palace in the 1990s, recently told The Sun of a particularly bizarre requirement of her job that involved meticulously sorting the royal’s stuffed animals. The instructions were clearly stated in a laminated sheet for his aides.

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“As soon as I got the job, I was told about the teddies and it was drilled into me how he wanted them,” she said. “I even had a day’s training. Everything had to be just right. It was so peculiar.”

The teddies, “all 72 of them”, were from all around the world, the most of which were dressed as sailors, and had to be arranged every morning with the biggest ones at the back.

“It took me half an hour to arrange them — most bizarre thing to be paid for,” the former aide recalled. “Then at bedtime I had to take all the teddies off and arrange them around the room.

“They each had a set place. We had to stack the smaller ones in an unused fireplace, again in size order, to make them look pretty.

“His two favourite bears sat on two thrones either side of the bed. The others would sit at the foot of the bed on the floor.”


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