FlySafair Pleads After Employee’s Choleric Remark To Jeannie D Over Delayed Flight

South African presenter, Jeannie D expressed her disappointment after a FlySafair employee made an inappropriate remark about her flight being delayed, on Thursday.

The TV personality’s flight from Durban to Cape Town was reportedly delayed by two hours. Jeannie tweeted; “So Durban @FlySafair flight to CT delayed by 2hrs… airline staff laughs at me and says, ‘what can we do? This is Africa’.”


Jeannie D said that her intention with the tweet was not to get anyone in trouble. “I just want to get back to Cape Town for a shoot,” she said.

Replying too a fans comment on her tweet, Jeannie said; “I know but it happens all the time and I’m not one to moan, it’s just frustrating that there’s no accountability for bad service delivery and mediocrity is just laughed off.”

Kirby Gordon, head of sales and distribution at FlySafair, confirmed that there had been a delay with regards to Jeannie D’s flight, saying it was due to a “late inbound aircraft.”

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“It pains us to delay any of our customers as being on time is one of our core focus areas,” he said, adding; “Jeannie and the other passengers on her flight were unfortunately delayed today by 55min.”

According to Gordon the star’s flight was due to depart at 09:30 but had been pushed to 10:25.

Addressing the above mentioned employees alleged “This is Africa” comment, Gordon said the remark was “unacceptable.”

“FlySafair is a proudly South African company. Safair has been in operation for 35 years now and we have held the South African flag high in the world of international aviation. The implied view here is not one that is held by the company, but we absolutely accept that this individual is representing us. As we respond this individual is being addressed by the Durban Airport Manager on this unacceptable comment,” he said.



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