Five Unbelievable Things African Pastors Have Made Their Church Members To Do In Exchange For Blessings

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Five Unbelievable Things African Pastors Have Made Their Church Members To Do In Exchange For Blessings

  • It seems that most church leaders have turned sacred/hallowed institutions into objects of public mockery
Sunday for the Lord

Religion is a sacred issue in Africa. The continent boasts of an eclectic mix of theists, deists, pantheists and even atheists and Nigeria accounts for a fair share of this population. In spite of its apparent religiosity, Nigeria, however, sits comfortably among the countries with the most corrupt practices in the world. It is believed that many believers run to the church for succour from poverty, hardship, depression, mental issues and much more. And guess who is there to ‘unburden’ them : The Pastors, who are seen as demi-gods. Their words are sacrosanct and Yes! they make use of these tools to feed on their unsuspecting members who will do anything because of the assurance of things hoped for – We call it Faith.

Here’s five of the weirdest and unbelievable things church members have been made to do in exchange for all kinds of blessings and miracles.

Flogging the devil

A few weeks ago, congregants of a certain Nigeria were asked to bring canes to church to flog Satan. They were filmed by a newcomer in the church who found it ridiculous. Since the devil was cast down to hell, which is miles below heaven (and probably further down the earth’s core) and Africans consider almost everything as a symbolic representation of a character, they religiously whipped the church grounds to inflict pain on the master of evil and his forces of wickedness. Amen somebody!

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Drinking kerosene to cure sickness

Pastor Light Monyeki from reportedly instructed his church members to drink kerosene to ‘show forth their faith’. According to him, the effect of this was to heal them of all infections and illnesses. Unsurprisingly, majority of his followers are reportedly admitted to the hospital afterwards.


These snake-swallowing believers take the prize

Photos of Prophet Mnguni, the leader of End Time Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve, went viral when he was reportedly dropped snakes into the mouths of people during a deliverance session. According to the pastor, God had turned the snakes into chocolate upon his instructions. Do you wonder what happened after the swallowing of snakes? We wonder too!


Connecting to heaven through the feet of a prophet


So Jesus washed the feet of his disciples; this man of God reversed the move by having his followers kiss his feet- to secure a connection to heaven. What would Jesus do?


And these believers were cleansed with insecticides

Mosquitoes can be annoying. But who knew they were demonic too!   Prophet Lethebo of Mount Zion General Assembly in South Africa ‘cleansed’ his church members by spraying them with insecticide.


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