Finding The Right Help After Sustaining An Injury

Experiencing an injury in the workplace can be a stressful, overwhelming and confusing time. Nobody wants to have to take time away from work, or in severe cases, have to file a compensation claim against their employer.


Dealing with the process alone can feel like a chore, and more often than not, can lead to further stress than initially thought. The good news is that there is plenty of help out there for those who are in this situation.


First And Foremost – Know That  Every Employee Has Rights


Under the law, every employee has rights when it comes to having been injured in the workplace. For those that have suffered from a serious accident resulting in a profound injury in the workplace, it’s important to know that an employer has a legal obligation to pay out compensation.


An employee has the same legal rights in the workplace whether they’re the victim of an injury that occurred on-site, or whether they suffer an ongoing illness due to improper working conditions.


Prioritize Medical Care


Prior to considering compensation claims, medical attention comes first. For serious injuries, an employer should seek the treatment immediately. Make sure that any injury has been completely dealt with before considering the next steps. Take the time needed to rest and recover before dealing with anything else! If an employer attempts to prevent an employee from seeking medical attention following an accident in the workplace, they are breaching the law and can be prosecuted. While most workplaces will have a designated first-aid officer, it’s important to seek extra medical care when needed.

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Finding Help When It Comes To Compensation Claims


While the majority of employers will be onboard when it comes to providing the correct documentation and support to proceed with a compensation claim, the truth is some simply are not as understanding. It’s important therefore to ensure that help is in place to deal with the process. Every employee is within their rights to seek compensation for an accident that has left them in pain and discomfort. And, it is against the law for an employer to dismiss an employee for doing so. Though the process may seem daunting, through enlisting the help of a personal injury solicitor or a local citizen’s advice bureau, the claim can be a lot smoother and simple to deal with.


How Can A Personal Injuries Solicitor Help?



There from the beginning of the compensation claim to the end, a personal injuries solicitor can help determine whether an employer is eligible to put forward a claim. They’ll assess fully whether the employer was at fault and put forward a case if so. Every accident has its own unique circumstances so it’s important to consider these when dealing with a personal injury claim. By enlisting the help of an expert, claims are more likely to succeed.


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