Fans Outraged After Justin Bieber Calls Chris Brown Assaulting Rihanna ‘A Mistake’

Justin Bieber found himself trending on social media for all the wrong reasons following a controversial Instagram post on Saturday.

Chris Brown has been facing a lot of negativity in the music industry following the assault of his then-girlfriend, Rihanna in 2009. The singer made headlines after news broke that he assaulted Rihanna in his car on their way to a Grammy’s afterparty.

Bieber recently took to social media to defend Brown against people who are trying to get other artists in the music industry to boycott the Back To Sleep hitmaker.

“Everyone wants to wait til people die To give them the credit they deserve. I’m calling it now when CB passes away after a long full life, you will miss what you had in front of you the whole time … trust me watch you will see. the people who have overlooked this man’s talent because of a mistake he made.. you need to reevaluate! (sic)” Bieber wrote.

While it is not known if Bieber was referring to the assault of Rihanna as a mistake, but fans wasted no time telling the singer exactly how they felt about him defending Brown.

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“Domestic violence is not a mistake,” one user wrote.

Another user said that it is disgusting how people are still praising Brown despite the fact that he assaulted Rihanna and that she was publicly humiliated.

“Domestic abuse is not A F**KING MISTAKE! just because he makes good music does not mean he’s a decent human being. I most certainly will not praise a man who beat the shit out of a woman and who’s got a restraining order against him because his ex felt unsafe after he had abused her time and time again. DELETE THIS BULLSHIT! (sic)”

Bieber’s post to defend Brown came after the band, Chvches bashed DJ Marshmello for working with Brown on a new single, Light It Up.

“We like and respect Mello as a person but working with people who are predators and abusers enables, excuses, and ultimately tacitly endorses that behaviour. That is not something we can or will stand behind.”

Celebrities such as Marlon Wayans, Nick Cannon, The Game and Sean Kingston have all defended brown.


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