Everything That You Need To Knowing About Using Conveyors for Your Business

Conveyor belts are very well-known – in fact, they might be one of the most well-known machines that are used in manufacturing plants around the world. If you imagine a factory, one of the main images you will probably visualize is that of a conveyer belt transporting some material to its next point of processing. Conveyor belts are the core components of assembly lines, and they are also commonplace at many other locations – like airports (at the security checkpoints and baggage drop-off areas), the grocery store, and even at the gym (that’s all that a treadmill is). Despite how well-known they are and how much they have changed the world, many business owners are still not too familiar with conveyer belts, how they were created, and the different ways they can help businesses of all kinds.

When Were Conveyor Belts Invented?


Although conveyor belts are commonly viewed as essential parts of manufacturing, historians actually still debate when conveyer belts were first invented. Many historians believe their roots to be in hand-operated systems that were made from wood and leather and used in the late 1700s, as the world was becoming more industrial. Regardless, the first evidence for a conveyer belt as modernity knows it can be dated back to exactly 1892. These machines were used to carry coal and metal ores and to make the mining process a lot easier and less fatal! Thomas Robins is credited with the invention of this heavy-duty belt. Things have come a long way since then, with belts continuing to be improved and continuing to make all manners of operations more and more efficient. Each different iteration of conveyer belt has come with a marked increase in productivity, as well as applicability, as belts have become more and more appropriate for all manner of uses. Nowadays, every sector of industrial manufacturing uses conveyor belts.

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What Are Conveyors Used For?


You probably know what are used for – essentially, they move cumbersome materials across distances large and small. They are also great for light materials that need automated transportation. They require very little human input – often just the pressing of a button, helping materials being moved quickly and precisely.


What Types of Businesses Would Benefit From Using a Conveyor Belt?


According to Fluent Conveyors, conveyor belts are used across hundreds of different industries. They help to increase productivity and decrease issues in employee safety and product quality control. To name just a few of the industries that completely rely on conveyor belts: food and drink, package handling and fulfilment, mining, agriculture, automotive, all manufacturing, airports; the postal service, construction, and even dry cleaning! If you are a business owner, ask yourself if your business could be improved by automating the movement of something. If the answer is yes, conveyor belts are likely a way for you to increase your profitability.


What is a Conveyor Belt System?


A conveyor system is different from just a conveyer belt – it is the whole system that is used to sort and convey different materials and objects. They are made from many conveyers, as well as different sorting equipment and mezzanines.


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