Everyone Is Talking About What This Groom Did To His Bride While Dancing At Their Wedding (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media has shown a man and bride dancing on their wedding day in what turned out to be really embarrassing.

This is the moment a man and his newly-wedded wife were caught on camera dancing on their wedding day.
A video which has gone viral on social media shows the couple displaying their skills in front of everyone when suddenly something unexpected happened.
The groom, while trying to stage an acrobatic display as he danced, landed on his wife and the two of them went down.
Social media users have since mocked the man whom they said must have smoked weed before coming out to dance.
Others blamed the woman too whom they accused of being too aggressive with her own style of dance. Some social media users have joked that she too must have sipped some “ogogoro” before the dance took place.
Watch the video below:

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