Ethiopians Pay Last Respect To Stage Star Fikadu Teklemariam

The stage king, and prestigious artist Fikadu Teklemariam, was let go yesterday at the Holy Trinity Cathedral.

The star known for his passion and compassion was one of the main notable performing artists of Amharic films, serial show and an ace of dramatic art kicked the bucket on Tuesday aged 62.

At a farewell , held at National Theater where he performed theaters for years, Minister of Culture and Tourism, Fozia Amin said Ethiopia has lost its treasured and committed artist.

Fikadu was an iconic artist. His zeal for art is engraved in the hearts of every Ethiopian.

She said Artist Fikadu was a selfless person who sacrificed his interests for others. “Though he is no longer among us his works will remain long with us. His works are an inspiration for the next generation.”

National Theater General Director Assistance Prof. Nebiyu Baye said Fikadu is an iconic artist who lived a life of kindness and meekness. “He is a living legend. He has showed us love and compassion.”

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Fikadu was a committed artist who became an inspiration for several Ethiopian young artists and lovers of art. He was the king of stage for not less than 43 years. Within those years, Fikadu has performed more than 150 stage and TV dramas. He served as ambassador of art by performing outside of the country. Fikadu was born in 1956 in Addis Ababa in Arat Kilo. Beside his profession, Fikadu was also a founder of charitable organization that stood to help elderly and mentally ill citizens.

Fekadu, an accomplished actor, producer and playwright, who revolutionized not only theatrical art but also TV and radio drama in Ethiopia, lost his life after battling with kidney related complications.


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