Ethiopia: Restrain Invasion Of Outlandish Culture


Being home to around 80 countries, nationalities and people groups, Ethiopia is viewed as a mosaic of different culture that have a place with the assorted ethnic gatherings. Be that as it may, the nations rich social custom is confronting intrusion of colorful culture.

Social Assets Development Coordinator with Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau Samuel Muluneh disclosed to The Ethiopian Herald that the department is embraced exercises to shield indigenous culture from inescapable freakish culture.

According to Samuel, globalization, poverty, technology and lack of understanding ones cultural values are the major causes pervasion of outlandish culture. In addition to this absence of anti narcotic law and corruption are other causes. Such incidents affect the country’s Scio-economic, political and psychological situation.

The bureau works in collaboration with stakeholders to prevent the invasion of outlandish culture, and conserve indigenous ones. As per the agreement reached with 29 sectors a steering committee has been established. Awareness raising has been given for about 40,000 people every year. Particularl, sectors (education, health, women and children) are working with culture and tourism bureau.

Beside this the sector has three million birr spending for symposium that in order to award the winner, someone who shows cultural aspects to his country. Literature, dancing, and clothing are some show cause of Ethiopian culture. This plays significant role that used to citizens understanding their cultures simply.

Building libraries, cinemas and preserving of heritages are another part of activity in the bureau. Particularly, preserving and protecting of heritages are a mandatory to the authority of heritages preserve and research but bureau protects more, he noted. In addition to this bureau, did a research identifying the cause of harm full custom practice and outlandish cultures in 2004 E.C by its own budget.

The research studied at the first time has taken sample from the entire city. The research shows that out of the 117 woredas in Addis Ababa 61 are somehow affected by outlandish culture while 38 of them have faced the worst toll. Arada and kirkos Sub cities are examples of the attack by the outlandish culture.
Regarding to this, Samuel believe that newcomer and outlandish culture is similar to terrorism, because not clearly known about the activities and the risk. In order to solve such type of problem, political decision takes major action, and to enlarging supervision system in different sectors, he understands.

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According to Samuel, cultural invasion is not limited only to developing countries. For example, Italy is a developed country attacked by outlandish culture. As an example, Cafe in Italy is a feature of the countries culture in the past. Now it has automatically changed into homosexual practices, cocaine transmission and the like. So the newcomer and outlandish culture are not only attacking developing countries he, added. Beside this, stacking new generation is the main impact of homosexual practices. This endangers continuity of generation and is forming unethical citizens.

Regarding to the research, economic problems are the main cause of cultural contamination exposing to the culture pollution while technology, lack of understanding, environments and social challenges are other parts of this practice, he notes.

On the other hand, protection of culture is not the responsibility of one sector rather the duty of all stakeholders. Particularly, Media plays indisputable role in sensitizing the society. Meanwhile, the bureau conducts awareness raising activities for parents and students through the media in order to protect the country’s culture, according to him.

He also added that, Ethiopia has its own globally renowned culture: Tolerance, fear of God, unity for communal agenda, hospitality, abiding of law, active participation in social activities and alternative dispute resolution, among others.

Ethiopia is also endowed with rich culture of traditional medicine, which cures diseases that are not even curable with modern medicine. This is the fantastic solution to solve hard health problems and the forefather and mother to translate their efforts to next generation and the medicine prepared from herbs, roots, barks and the like.

Above all, the adverse outlandish culture and harmful practices are likely to have all rounded effects on the country. By taking lesson from this, people need to prevent the threat before it is too late.


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