Ethiopia: Cultural Heritages Management Digitalization For Another Greater Accesses

In this time of globalization, the world is getting to be one town through the reliable mechanical developments and usage. Each snippet of information is getting to be within reach wherever by web gets to.

Institutions giving administrations are additionally required to benefit themselves wherever their clients and concerned bodies are. Accordingly they need to modernize their administration conveyance approaches. From these, giving their administration data is one. Furthermore, online data has turned into the best and effortlessly available method for getting every day exercises and administration of associations.

Service delivering private, business or public institutions should use modern device. Based on this, the Ethiopian Research and Cultural Heritages Conservation Authority has started to use the software named “Exceed IT System”. It is used for modernizing inventory management system of the Authority to conserve tangible or intangible cultural heritage resources. It assists the follow ups as their data are registered and digitalized through computerization.

The Authority’s Director General, Yonas Desta asserted that the manual or traditional system of the cultural heritages data management throughout the history of the nation was very poor. The data handling was mess and took much time to access them and availing them to the researchers was very difficult.
To improve these, the Authority decided to carry on a study and outsourced it to scholars of the Information technology. They developed software that is named the Ethiopian Cultural Heritage Inventory Management System or Exceed IT System. This software all the data of the heritages are accessible to all individuals anywhere the country. And they can be involved in the registration of the local cultural heritages being just where they are, he noted.

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This software is installed based on 2016 application and more than 30 experts from Addis Ababa University and the Authority were involved in the software’s development. It cost more than four million Ethiopian Birr, the General Director said.

The Authority’s Exceed System Operation Supportive Department Head, Fantaye Mekonen, on his part says that Exceed IT System is a new software which helps register all cultural heritage of the country that have not yet been registered. And it serves both in Amharic and English languages in a glance. The software was developed in almost eight months. Inputs for its development were collected from different workshops of the experts, furthered.
Addis Ababa University’s College of Natural and Information Science’s Assistant Professor, Dr. Wondwossen Mulugeta, on his part says in the future, by strengthening this system, it must be scaled up to all states and the implementation will be followed up.

Many institutions have to modernize their data management systems and scale up the authority’s experience. The university gives consultancy services for governmental organization and private company and is willing to any requirement of the data management modernization, the Dr. affirmed.

In general, in this globalization era, modernizing the cultural heritage data management is avail all the heritages to the globe with a very little cost. Therefore, other public institutes should follow the footstep of the Authority.


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