Eric Omondi Breaks The Internet.

Eric Omondi, one of Kenya’s biggest comedians is the only thing on Kenyans lips right now thanks to a video that he posted on his Facebook page promoting the upcoming Miss Tourism Nairobi beauty pageant set for this coming Saturday the 14th of May.

The promotional video has the comedian dressed in tight jeans, high heels and make-up, something many of his fans think is a little on the edgy side.

The video starts deceptively, focusing on what appears to be a young curvaceous lady walking on the streets of Nairobi in heels. The shocker comes when they reveal that it is Eric Omondi in heels.

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He goes on to promote the event, speaking in a feminine voice all in an effort to pull crowds to the event, which he is set to Emcee.

Whether or not he will pull the same stunt during the actual event is unknown, and should be revealed on the day


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