Erection Of Men Determines Their Direction – Ghanaian Counselor, Charlotte Oduro Says

Men have been admonished not to allow their erection to determine their direction as this could be a recipe for disaster and spell doom for them.

Vociferous female marriage counselor, Dr. Mrs Charlotte Oduro who gave the advice in an interview on Accra-based Hitz Fm that there is more to it than an ordinary erection that sways a man from the realities of life.

She explains that keeping multiple sexual partners is like connecting oneself to several spirits and being haunted by same cautioning men to hasten slowly with such a habit.

“You don’t allow your erection to give you direction in life. Many of us have messed up and lagging behind because once it erects you need to direct it on a woman. When it erects, tell that thing to sleep…it has nowhere to go”, she counseled.

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She quizzed “is it everyone you will go around sleeping with? All of them have their own spirits ad they will gather and be walking with you spiritually. Have you noticed that sometimes when you see your ex you have slept with your panic? It is a spirit and the moment you are not careful and you get closer you may end up making love again. It is like fire which will spark a flame”, she warned.


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