Enugu Man Arrested For Defiling 8 Month Old Daughter

A father from Enugu State has been apprehended by police after it was alleged that he had defiled his 8 month old daughter.

Although the suspect, Chukwuka Nwanonenyi, has denied the accusations against him, his wife has insisted that he is responsible for the loss of the baby’s virginity.

According to a Sun News Online report, Nwanonenyi has claimed that his wife had been having an affair outside of their marriage and that he had moved her back to her parents house as a result.

He alleges that she wanted revenge on him and as such, claimed that he had defiled his daughter.

In addition, Nwanonenyi has also claimed that a hospital examination proves that the child is still a virgin.

The child’s mother, however, has refuted all of the suspect’s claims, stating that he would lock himself alone with the child in a room, following which she would hear the child crying hysterically.

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When Nwanonenyi would exit the room, his wife claims that he would almost always have an erection, which he would claim is normal for a man.

Upon noticing that something was wrong with her daughter’s vagina, the child’s mother took her to the hospital for examination, only to find that she had been defiled.

“I have been living with him and we were not quarrelling. He would send me on an errand to go and buy something for him and he would lock himself with the baby inside and the baby would start crying. Each time he carried the baby, he would have erection and if I asked  him what was the problem, he would say it was normal with every man. One day, I noticed that my baby’s vagina was not normal and I told him but he said that I should leave the baby alone,” the distraught mother said.


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