Eniola Badmus Addresses People Shaming Her For Being Fat

Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus claims being called fat does not bother her in any way because it only describes her body type.

A lot of people take offense when they are referred to as fat but Eniola Badmus begs to differ.

According to the plus-size actress, calling someone fat is not an insult but rather a description of how the person is.

She added in her instagram post that it is quite obvious that she has a lot of body fat and so cannot be bothered if anyone chooses to call her that.

She wrote:

“Being called “fat” doesn’t bother me because it’s a simple fact. Yeah, I am fat. I have body fat.

“And what about it? #EniolaBadmus”


Reacting to the post, some of her colleagues and fans were spotted in the comment section, praising her up for her stance.

Read comments below:

realsylviaolisa: “Only those with low self esteem regard it as an insult.”

cynthiashalom: “I wonder o. Loud it so they can hear”

okonlagos: “Yes ooooo. Big belle is not an insult o. I go lose am when I go lose am. Thanks Baddoossskkkyyy”

iam_smalldoctor: “Likewise being small no be insult . Yeah i small, i no get fat. And what about it”

mercyjohnsonokojie: “And I love you”


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