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Easiest Way To Earn More Than Any President In The World

Ever wondered what Ksh. 90 Million can get you in this beautiful country called Kenya? Now, Imagine getting paid such an amount everyday that you do what you love doing, maybe your hobby or even work that you don’t love but you are forced to for the payout package that comes with it. Now, stop imagining because it will never happen, not in Kenya anyway. But, with established countries comes established roles or jobs for that matter. Our very own president has an estimated package of Ksh. 1.5 Million from the coffers, but this story is not our presidents. Its a more famous wild retro head and tat filled Musical maestro, by now you all know him by his infamous hitting of his longtime lover and friend, Rihanna. Or even from his hits, Autum Leaves, Loyal, Kiss Kiss, Forever, Deuces, Ayo, No Air to name but a few. Or even through seeing him on successful blockbusters like Battle of the Year: The Dream Team where he shows his dancing skills, Takers where he teams up with Rap legend T.I, Think like a man; teaming with comical Kevin Hart. He’s a singer, renown songwriter pushing weights like Neyo, he’s also a dancer like Omarion and Usher, with dance moves like the late Michael Jackson. And has paid the screen a tribute bagging huge roles in Hollywood. He’s official names Christopher Maurice Aka Chris Brown, born in Tappahannock – Virginia and started out humbly in church doing Sunday choir service and teen local shows recently came to Kenya.

The long awaited Mombasa Rocks was finally here with us, but before we go into the nitty gritty and the whole hullabaloo of how the show went down; here is a breakdown of how the musical genius got his cash way in advance of the biggest performance that ever rocked Kenya’s coastal town. Courtesy of Wale Wasee Limited; under the co-leadership of one Thandi Ojeer and Adil Juma, am sure no Kenyan knew this pair before this concert. But, now they are the talk of coast having brought not only Chris Brown, but they even went to further extent of having another continental heavy hitter Wiz Kid curtain raise for the International superstar. To quote Nyashinski’s hit song ‘Now you know’, having a Nigerian to curtain raise in Kenya is not just a blow to Kenyan artists, but also a disregard of the songs that Kenyans do. But, if there is no such artist with the caliber or stature to curtain raise for Christopher ‘Chris Brown Maurice, then we need not feel damaged by the obvious fact that some of our artists are not performers worth of such a stage.

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On September 30th, Wale Wasee deposited a sum to the tune of $550,000. Which is 55 Million Kenyan shillings for the Mombasa Rocks concert, this in layman’s language was to show their level of commitment to the artist coming to Kenya for the very first time. This figure broken down, $350,000 or Ksh. 35 Million was the artist’s down payment. And as we all know according to the River road con artists and promoters, it’s a figure that is never refundable. So, imagine if the artist got jitters before the trip to Africa? The $200,000 or Ksh. 20 Million was for a travel buyout; in simple terms this is like booking for an artist’s travel itinerary way before hand and making sure he gets a VIP treatment from his house or various physical address to the country of the concert and back without him having to do any bookings nor having to worry about anything. It’s similar to what most presidents enjoy from their ministries, but Chris Brown isn’t any normal president. He boarded a G-Five plane from California, Hollywood Hill’s mansion straight to Mombasa and get this. The plane waited for him on the run way waiting to take him back immediately after the show and all the time the plane was on ground was fully paid for, think about that whenever you use Uber.

Mombasa Rocks was headlined by Bongo’s Coastal household name Ali Kiba whom was in Mombasa for yet another concert in September. With ticket sales getting sold out the same week they were printed, with VIP’s coughing a sum total of Ksh. 20,000 and regular Hoypolois parting with Ksh. 10,000. When Chris Brown jetted in a Kenyan lady tried getting a self with the man, but he didn’t even notice her on the entrance of Mombasa International Airport. Then she decided to take to social media hoping to blackmail the man of the money he came to earn while in the country. But, lest we deviate from the real story. He landed and on that Saturday morning hours to his anticipated performance he received the final payout of $350,000 or Ksh. 35 Million. A fact that made him give an electric performance and true to his reputation a revelers suffice performance of 90 Minutes. And I must say, he deserves the money, fame, girls and tats that come with it. Mombasa Rocks was a performance to remember, now let’s wait for the next big thing that Wale Wasee Limited has installed for us. Watch out for Bongo flavoured Wasafi’s, Diamond Platinumz Kenyan tour on the 24th and 26th November 2016.


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