Drop Your Egos And Produce Quality Movies – Leila Djansi To Ghanaian Filmmakers

Ghanaian international filmmaker, Leila Djansi, has called on local movie producers to drop their egos and focus on the act and stories to produce quality movies that can compete globally.

Speaking on the ‘Between the Hours’ show with Naa Ashorkor, the accomplished movie producer who is also a core member of the Oscars Committee, Ghana opined that the major problem facing movie production in Ghana is the ego of Ghanaian filmmakers and their urge to manipulate movie stories.

She said, “I’m going to be blunt. I think the biggest problem Ghana filmmakers have is ego.”

Leila Djansi believes that, ordinarily, Ghana should be able to produce world-class and globally accepted movies because the country has rich historical stories and great actors to carry stories.

“It should be so easy for Ghana to get a film all the way up to a shortlist. We have the stories, we have the voices, we have people like you [Naa Ashorkor], people like Ama, who can carry the films, but it’s the ego,” Djansi said.


The accomplished movie producer advised Ghanaian filmmakers to ensure that they also put their acts before themselves.

She added: “Like I always say, as a filmmaker, if you put yourself first before your film, your film is not going to go anywhere because art is life. You’ve got to let the art breathe for itself. And that’s one of the things that the Oscars submissions received over the years.”

In the same interview, Leila Djansi announced that the Oscar Committee is all set to receive movie nominations and submissions till September 20.

“We can now start receiving submissions and the deadline is September 20. So, if you have a qualifying film which is in Ghana, we submit to the foreign language category, international film category. Right now pidgin is accepted as an international language,” she said.


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