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“Drinking alcohol Is Not A Sin Bcause Jesus Drank Wine” — Nigerian Reno Omokri

Controversial Nigerian commentator, Reno Omokri is in thev news again as he is of the opinion that drinking alcohol is not a sin.Taking to his Twitter page, he advised people against falling for pastors who claim this is saying;

‘Jesus drank wine, there is nothing like non-alcoholic wine. If it does not have alcohol, it is not wine. It is grape juice.’

Not stopping there, Reno said;

‘I am a follower of Christ and I don’t drink. It is a personal decision. However, drinking alcohol is NOT a sin, nor is it unGodly’.

Not only did Jesus drink wine, but He also turned water to wine, ALCOHOLIC WINE, and in Matthew 26:29, He told us we would drink wine in God’s Kingdom, also known as HEAVEN.

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Furthermore, the ceremonial consumption of wine is part of Jewish religious rites. So don’t let any Pentecostal or evangelical church or pastor put a burden on you that God has not put. DRINK, but don’t get DRUNK

'Drinking Alcohol Is Not A Sin Do Not Let Any Pastor Fool You' - Reno Omokri


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