Drake, Younes Bendjoma And Odell Beckham Jr In Court for Alleged Nightclub Assault

Drake, Younes Bendjima and Odell Beckham Jr were caught in a lawsuit by a man who alleges they planned an assault against him.

According to reports, Bennett Sipes claims he was at Delilah nightclub in WeHo in March 2018 when he was confronted by Drake, Beckham and members of their entourage, including Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend Bendjima.

A video, obtained by the outlet, shows Sipes walking to the bathroom when a group of people approach him. It appears that some words were exchanged before a man, labelled to be Bendjima, starts hitting Sipes. Drake and Beckham appear to be in the video but keep their distance from the altercation.

Sipes claims in the lawsuit that he saw Drake make a “throat slash” hand gesture to his private security.

Sipes has also filed a lawsuit against the nightclub, claiming that nothing was done to help him. “During all times relevant to this incident, no personnel from Delilah took any action to prevent the defendants and their personal from attacking the plaintiff,” court documents state.

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Sipes’ lawyer said that the defendants were given a chance to settle out of court but have not responded.

“We gave the defendant’s months to settle this claim without litigation, but when they failed to be accountable for their actions, we were left with no choice but to file suit to seek justice for our client.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Drake claims he was not involved in the incident, despite being present at the time.

“Drake was there in a group; he never ordered anyone to beat anyone up. The video didn’t catch him beating up anyone.”

Reps for Drake, Beckham and Bendjima have not responded to the reports.


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