Don’t Spend On A Woman You Are Not Married To – Ghana’s Leila Djansi Advises Men

Award-winning movie director, Leila Jewel Djansi, has advised unmarried men not to spend their money on women they are not married to.

The “Sinking Sands” director rather advised men to “save the money and invest in something else”.

Her advice follows an earlier post on her Facebook page, calling on young women not to cook for men they are not married to.

“Rolling my eyes all the way back to see my shoulder blades!! Ladies, do NOT go cooking, cleaning and doing laundry in the home of a man who has not married you. He’s not buying a car that requires a test drive.
You are an individual human being and you don’t need a master, you WANT a part-ner,” she posted.

However, a gentleman on the thread, Cedrych M Owens Amegah countered: “So can the same lady expect me to make her look beautiful before our marriage?? I mean investing in her if the need be?? Cux I don’t think once in a while helping ur partner to be is a crime here, unless otherwise.”

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“Nope. A woman should be able to take care of her own self. You should not be spending money on a woman you are not married to. Save that money and invest in something else, unless of course, you are a sugar daddy. Then you know it’s part of your duties. Then again, cooking and cleaning is not a prerequisite for paying for your partner to look the way that pleases the both of you” Leila responded.


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